This is the secret to keeping your tote bags organized

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The contents of a purse spilling out
Keep it together with this tote organizer. (Source: iStock)

Tote bags are both extremely functional and fashionable. It’s easy to fall in love with the extra space they offer that most purses don’t, and they’re available from nearly every designer and store. Unfortunately, everyone knows that most tote bags seem to have one common flaw. While their general size and roominess mean there's lots of room for anything you can think of, they never seem to have enough pockets or dividers to keep stuff separated and organized. In fact, reaching in a tote bag can be a lot like fishing, you don’t know what you might find! Fortunately, this viral TikTok just changed tote bags for all of us. The one simple step @fifiimarie took to organize hers has us all taking notes.

Carrying a tote can sometimes be a true pain due to the large ‘black hole’ of space that things seem to disappear into. With this Purse Organizer Insert, you'll know exactly where everything is. As displayed in the oh-so-helpful TikTok that showed us how the purse organizer is used, taking a tote bag from messed to blessed takes about 60 seconds.

Keep that beautiful bag organized

A pink tote bag with an organizer insert.
This organizer will keep your bags in tip-top shape. (Source: Amazon)

$15.88 - $29.88 at Amazon

Sturdy, soft and durable, this felt Purse Organizer Insert comes in 12 different colors and patterns to seamlessly match the interior of your tote bag. This organizer features 13 pockets to keep your every item organized and separate, and a large zippered pocket to keep valuables such as your wallet or keys. The extra detachable long-felt keychain will also help you keep track of your keys.

Wouldn’t it be a dream to be able to wear your favorite tote bag out and not have to fish endlessly for your keys before you get in your car? Well, with this Purse Organizer Insert that dream can absolutely come true.

This 100% handmade organizer also comes in six different sizes, so it’s a perfect fit for whatever sized tote you’re looking to clean up. The helpful sizing chart on its Amazon page will help you find the right size as it tells you exactly which insert works best in popular designer bags.

This life-changing tote organizer is also the No.1 best-seller on Amazon in Women’s Handbag Organizers and has a 4.5-star rating with nearly 23,000 raters.

For most of us, less mess equals less stress. Having an organized tote bag will make carrying it an even more enjoyable experience and is perfectly affordable. Whether it be to work, school, the beach or the gym, tote bags are the known go-to to fit all of your necessities. After you take the plunge and insert an organizer into your favorite one, you’ll never want to go back.

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