Rihanna Makes Friends With Weirdo E.T. in Exclusive 'Home' Trailer

Think of Home as the inverse of Interstellar. Instead of earthlings setting forth to seek out a habitable new planet, the animated feature has an alien race called the Boov invading Earth.

The second trailer (above), premiering exclusively on Yahoo Movies, shows one particular Boov acting like, well, a boob. Here, we see a lot more from our leading outcast alien Oh (Jim Parsons from TV’s The Big Bang Theory) and amiable earthling teenager Tip (voiced by Rihanna).

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In case you’re wondering, Boovs are named by their friends. Oh’s moniker comes from Oh, not him again. And after seeing him mistake a gas station urinal cake for a breath mint, you can understand why.

As DreamWorks Animation has shown with the How to Train Your Dragon series and Antz, filmgoers can expect a heart-wrenching moment in the otherwise adventurous, fun-loving flick. "There’s one specific point in the movie that really wrecked me," Rihanna told reporters recently (via HitFix).I feel like it’s gonna kill everybody because when I was watching it for the first time, it was just stick figures. It didn’t even get to the point of animation all the way yet I was bawling my eyes out.”

The film is based on Adam Rex’s well-received 2007 children’s sci-fi novel The True Meaning of Smekday, in which the Boov rename Christmas “Smekday.” Keep your ears perked for other familiar voices in the movie. Steve Martin is the Boovs’ rather dense leader, Captain Smek. Jennifer Lopez voices the role of Tip’s mother — a casting that winks to the book in which its lovable alien calls himself… “J.Lo.”

Home lands in theaters on March 27.