Thief accidentally knocks himself out during Washington Louis Vuitton heist

Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton

A thief in Washington nearly made off with about $18,000 worth of designer items at a Louis Vuitton store, but he didn’t get very far. After grabbing the goods, the robber didn’t realize just how clean luxury retailers can keep their stores. The assailant ran straight into the crystal-clear glass door and knocked himself out before he could make his grand escape.

According to an article from TMZ today (Nov. 8), when the 17-year-old woke up, he was already in handcuffs. The would-be robbery happened at a Bellevue, Washington Louis Vuitton store. Because the suspect is under 18 years old, his identity has not been released by authorities. In the security footage, it’s clear that the young man attempted to flee in broad daylight. TMZ added that prosecutors believe the teen is affiliated with a retail theft ring in that area of the city. This year alone, the county has faced 59 incidents of robbery.

Following the crime, Bellevue Police Captain Rob Spingler told local outlet KOMO News, “Brazen is the perfect word for it.” The captain shared that the suspect seen in the Louis Vuitton footage is believed to be working with convicted killer Billy Chambers and career thief Earnetra Turner. He noted that both have lengthy rap sheets. Spingler added, “The message is… if you come to the city of Bellevue, you commit these crimes, we’re going to put together solid cases.”

Penny Pahl, a business owner in the area, said it isn’t just large chains like Louis Vuitton being affected. “It’s just not OK, it isn’t. Something needs to be done,” she said. “We put our blood and sweat into our businesses and for someone to just be so brazen to walk into our business and take what we work our whole life for? It is taking away our livelihood,” Pahl continued.

The Bellevue Police Captain said he intends to keep the thieves off the streets. “This is all data-driven. We use our accountability and transparency dashboard, and we follow the crime wherever it goes, and we’re going to continue it as long as we need to,” Spingler shared.