This Thermal ‘Phone Pouch’ Prevents Your Device From Freezing Up (or Overheating in the Sun)

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There’s nothing worse than seeing the dreaded heat warning pop up on your phone when you’ve spent an afternoon out in the sun or seeing your phone freeze up — literally — in the cold.

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Weather conditions can do irreversible damage to your devices, draining its battery, stalling its settings, or worse, shutting it down completely. That’s where the PHOOZY Thermal Phone Case comes in.

Inspired by the same material used in NASA spacesuits, the lightweight pouch keeps your phone insulated while deflecting heat or cold. It’s the best way to prevent your phone from fizzing out in the sun at the beach, while camping in the cold outdoors, or just while out and about on a weather-prone day.

phoozy review
phoozy review

PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case

Price: $29.99

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Made from a “Chromium Thermal Barrier” (inspired by NASA spacesuit technology), the pouch’s outer layer reflects more than 90% of the sun’s rays, to keep heat away from your device. It works the same in cooler temperatures too, insulating your phone from the cold. An inner layer provides insulation, especially for when temperatures drop in the winter (PHOOZY says the pouch could help extend your battery life up to 4X in cold conditions, by preventing it from draining).

Along with shielding your phone from extreme temperatures, the PHOOZY phone case offers military-grade shock protection, to cushion it from accidental dings or drops. The material is also water-resistant, so your phone stays dry — and safe — even if the pouch is sprayed or splashed. PHOOZY says its “sink proof” technology means the pouch stays afloat, so you can retrieve it easily, even if it falls into a body of water.

All of this is packed into a slim and lightweight pouch that tucks easily in your back pocket or in a bag. The phone case is available for most phone sizes and models, and PHOOZY offers five different colors and prints. While similar models run for $50+, Amazon has the PHOOZY Apollo Series Thermal Phone Case for just $29.99. Grab the deal and see more details here.

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