Who Is Theresa Nist? Here’s Everything to Know About ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Winner

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The inaugural season of The Golden Bachelor provided Gerry Turner with an incredible batch of women to explore relationships with. Theresa Nist stood out in the crowd on night one with her bright smile and bubbly personality — and it definitely seemed like Gerry was instantly intrigued by her.

Who Is Theresa Nist?

Theresa is a financial services professional who lives in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. She describes herself as “optimistic, encouraging and ready to love again after loss” per her ABC bio. Some of her hobbies include playing board games, gardening, reading romance novels and hula hooping.

When it comes to finding love, Theresa is looking for "the real deal." The music enthusiast is hoping for "fireworks" between her and her future partner. Gerry definitely shares the same values as Theresa, as he is looking for a love that will stand the test of time.

Did Theresa Nist Get the First Impression Rose on 'The Golden Bachelor'?

During the premiere of The Golden Bachelor, Theresa hilariously decided to show up in her birthday suit because it happened to be her 70th birthday! She celebrated her milestone moment with a cupcake and a candle later on in the night. The hopeless romantic also shared a steamy kiss with Gerry before the rose ceremony.

Though she did not receive the first impression rose from Gerry, Leslie did get a rose at the very first rose ceremony. In a teaser for the season ahead, it was clear that she and Gerry will share more candid moments together in the episodes to come. In one clip of the journey ahead, the duo sat at a table in a diner for a one-on-one date and shared a passionate kiss.

On her Instagram page, Theresa reflected on being a part of season 1 of The Golden Bachelor.

"This was the very first time that we met and it was all so thrilling and exciting to meet Gerry and these wonderful women," she captioned a photo of the cast ahead of the premiere in September 2023. "It was a night I will never forget. I can’t wait until you all get to see it!!"

Did Theresa Nist Make It to ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Finale?

It wasn’t easy for Gerry to send one of his top three women, Theresa, Faith Martin and Leslie Fhima. However, Theresa and Leslie were the two women to receive Gerry’s rose, and Theresa was the last women standing! She and Gerry got engaged during the season finale.