'The Walking Dead' Deleted Scene: Rick Disses and Dismisses the Cowardly Father Gabriel

Warning: Spoilers ahead for The Walking Dead Season 5.

To The Walking Dead fans who continue to be annoyed by Father Gabriel Stokes’s shady behavior, you’re gonna wanna see this deleted scene that’s featured in the upcoming TWD Season 5 DVD box set.

In the clip above, from Season 5’s “Four Walls and a Roof,” Rick Grimes (Andy Lincoln) and his group are preparing their weaponry to go up against Terminus leader Gareth and his cannibalistic cohorts. The whiny Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam), who gave Rick info on where Gareth and his crew might be, is questioning the brutal plans Rick has for eliminating the threat of the Termites once and for all, even while reminding Rick about the very cowardly, selfish acts he committed against his own parishioners, acts that doomed them to gnarly deaths at the hands (or rather mouths) of walkers.

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And Rick is having none of it.

"You know, Gabriel… you did what you did because you were afraid to die,” an impatient Rick tells the ‘fraidy cat. “Don’t stop now.”

The Walking Dead: The Complete Fifth Season is available on Blu-ray and DVD on Aug. 25 from Anchor Bay Entertainment.