‘The Simpsons’ Mocks Trump University Debacle With Burns University

On The Simpsons, Springfield’s wealthiest villain founded the for-profit college Burns University — an obvious shot at Trump University. Naturally, Homer was one of the professors hired, along with “greatest educators” in the world Neil deGrasse Tyson, Ken Jennings, writing instructor Robert McKee, and financial expert Suze Orman, who were coaxed into believing that they were molding the minds of our future.

Homer realized the “students” they were teaching were actually just an army of robots sucking all of the financial aid funds and wasting taxpayer dollars. Homer had enough. “That’s it,” he said. “As Americans, it’s our duty to either stop evil billionaires or elect them to the highest office.”

So he dressed up in an average, ordinary student disguise and started a war within the robot students. Once he got on campus and dressed up in “bot face,” it was so offensive it made the politically correct students freak out and their systems broke down.

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