The Roots Reenact Awkward Scene From ‘The Bachelor’ on ‘The Tonight Show’


Questlove and Tariq of the Roots took some time out of The Tonight Show Tuesday night to reenact an awkward scene from Monday’s episode of The Bachelor. The scene took place between Corinne, a 24-year-old from Miami who still has a nanny; and Taylor, a mental health counselor from Seattle. Questlove and Tariq did a perfect job of capturing the raw emotion that the women had held back during the actual conversation, and they were easier to understand without all the background noise of the real show. Unfortunately, they reenacted the conversation word for word, so the content of the conversation was just as devoid of rational discourse.

The conversation was obviously about Nick, the bachelor, and how each of the women interrupted each other’s time with him. Tariq, as Corinne, got the ball rolling.

“Sorry, and no hard feelings. It’s just the situation we’re in,” he said forcefully. He later added, “As long as there’s no situation about the situation, we’re OK.”

Remember, these are not Tariq’s words. He’s simply saying what was said during the actual conversation verbatim. Do not blame Tariq for the words coming out of his mouth. Questlove, for his part, had to play the part of Taylor, who said throughout the conversation that she was OK, but it wasn’t enough to convince Tariq … I mean Corinne … I mean Tariq. Turns out Tariq and Questlove were so convincing as Corinne and Taylor that, if not for the emotion shown by the former, it may have been nearly impossible to tell them apart.

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