Trailer Premiere: Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg Turn Fatherly Foes in 'Daddy's Home'

The Other Guys are about to turn on each other. Five years after their hit buddy-cop comedy, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg reunite in Daddy’s Home, and you can watch the first trailer for the Christmas release (just in time for Father’s Day!) exclusively in the player above.

The laugher has Ferrell playing sweet-natured radio exec Brad, whose single biggest ambition in life is to be a parent. That modest dream finally comes true when he marries Sarah (Linda Cardellini) and becomes stepdad to her son, Dylan, and daughter, Megan. But the kiddie-moon doesn’t last forever. Especially once their biological pops, the tough and crafty special-ops agent Dusty (Wahlberg), reenters the picture and wants his family back.

“There are just so many families now that are not traditional families, that are blended families with stepparents and kids and trying to figure out that dynamic,” Ferrell told Yahoo Movies on the film’s New Orleans set in January. “So I think it’ll be fun for people to see us comment on that dynamic.”

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The Paramount/Red Granite release is produced by Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions, though the actor said this release is more grounded than some of their previous outings: “In terms of the movies that we’ve produced, we don’t have any problem doing heightened movies that get crazy,” Ferrell said. “But this one is kind of in the zone of Meet the Parents in that it’s pretty relatable in terms of the scenarios and relationships in it. The comedy still sometimes gets in the ceiling, though.” Or at least, according to a bike incident in the trailer, pretty high up the wall.

Walhberg, meanwhile, continues to find comfort in the comedy zone (his next biggie, Ted 2, opens in a week), and he credits Ferrell with helping him find success in the genre. “The Other Guys was my first comedy, other than that little bit I did in Date Night, and I always felt how much Will had my back and I was in good hands to risk trying anything,” he said. “You don’t have to worry about looking ridiculous because you know you’re in good hands.”

On screen, though, the rivalry escalates between these two fast: When Brad offers up bedtime stories, Dusty answers with cold hard cash. When Brad scores Lakers tickets, Dusty responds with courtside seats.

Speaking of the Lakers game, the trailer also gives us the first good view of an already-infamous scene that went viral when it was captured via fan cellphone cameras at New Orleans’ Smoothie King Arena. In it, a belligerent (acting) Ferrell pegs a cheerleader (played by wrestler/stuntwoman/all-around badass Taryn Terrell) in the face with a basketball. (Ferrell explained the whole stunt to us during our set visit, which you can read here.) And it looks even more painful in the high-def version it’s intended to be seen in.

Daddy’s Home opens Dec. 25. In the meantime you can go to to send your dad (or stepdad) a Father’s Day e-card like these: