‘The Office’ Stars Finally Reveal The Famous Sperm Donor For Jan’s Baby

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Remember in the U.S. version of “The Office,” when Jan Levinson confesses to Michael Scott that she’s pregnant with a baby she conceived from a sperm donor while they were still together?

Well, in the latest episode of actors Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey’s “Office Ladies” podcast, the pair finally revealed the (fictional) identity of the donor.

It was ...

Tennis star Andy Roddick!

(Photo: VIEW press via Getty Images)
(Photo: VIEW press via Getty Images)

That’s right.

The original shooting draft for the Season Four episode “Goodbye Toby” involved Jan (played by Melora Hardin) telling Michael (played by Steve Carell) the identity of the father of her unborn baby was the now-retired tennis great, said Fischer and Kinsey (who played Pam Beesly and Angela Martin on the long-running show).

But the detail didn’t make it to air or the deleted scenes.

Kinsey explained what was cut from the show:

Jan looks to Michael like she’s expecting him to be very impressed. And Michael says, ‘The tennis player?’ And Jan says, ‘Well, it’s a little more than that. He’s the sixth-ranked player in the world and he’s won four grand slams.’ And Michael says, ‘That’s a lot of grand slams, I guess.’ And Jan says, ‘And he’s a humanitarian — something with orphans.’ And Michael is quiet and Jan goes, ‘Michael?’ And Michael says, ‘Can I just sit here for a minute without more things coming into my head?’

Roddick was friends with actor Rainn Wilson, who played Dwight Schrute, and would visit the set, Fischer recalled.

“I have to imagine that the reason they wrote it as being Andy Roddick’s sperm was a little bit of a nod to Andy, who has an amazing sense of humor,” she added. “I am so sad for his sake that this did not stay in the episode.”

“Incredible,” Fischer said. “Incredible.”

The revelation comes at the 42-minute mark here:

And relive the episode here:


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