‘The Night Of’ Premiere: If ‘Serial’ Was on TV

The Night Of premiered on Sunday, and the crime drama may be new show people obsess over.

The show follows Naz, a Pakistani-American, who takes his father’s taxi cab on a joy ride to a party. Before he gets to the party, he meets a beautiful woman who asks for a ride. When that woman, who was later revealed to be named Andrea, offers drugs and alcohol, he reluctantly accepts. Soon he finds himself in her apartment playing a sadistic knife game that leads to sex.

Naz wakes up to a nightmare: the girl he just met is dead. Though he tries to run away, he’s eventually arrested and questioned by the police. The only person who seems to be on his side is a sandal-wearing attorney who happens to take his case.

The show has the makings of a hit. It pulls inspiration from the zeitgeist. Listeners of the podcast Serial will see similarities in the story of a young Muslim who is accused of murder despite his claims of innocence. A dark, unflinching story told from the point of view of the accused, this show will likely be the most talked-about summer show.

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