The Moppet Takes Manhattan in Exclusive New ‘Annie’ Trailer

After recent turns in which he more than held his own playing opposite Leonardo DiCaprio, Channing Tatum, and Andrew Garfield, Oscar winner Jamie Foxx has finally met his match in an 11-year-old girl. In the latest trailer for this winter’s modern-day update of Annie — seen here first on Yahoo Movies — we learn a bit more about Foxx’s character, a Daddy Warbucks-like gazillionaire (and media-savvy mayoral candidate) who literally sweeps lil’ orphan Annie (Quvenzhané Wallis) off her feet and into his whirlwind political campaign. Both stars pay follicular homage to their on-screen predecessors: Foxx’s character, like Warbucks, has a bald pate that he tries to keep a secret, while Wallis has the famed orphan’s trademark full, curly coif. At one point, after spotting her mop on a New York City jumbotron, even Annie can’t help but be impressed by her mane: “Whoa,” she says, “my hair is gigantic!”

So are expectations for the movie. The original 1977 musical was a huge Broadway smash, running for six years, and spawning a hit 1982 film adaptation that cemented orphanage-overseer Miss Hanigan as one of the decade’s most nightmare-inducing villains (she’s played in the latest version by Cameron Diaz, dressed here like she picked up her clothes at a goombah stoop-sale). So far, though, we don’t know much about the new film’s music, except that executive producer Jay-Z — who sampled the stage show’s “It’s A Hard Knock Life” in the late ‘90s — will be writing a few new tunes. Will they hold up to the original? You’ll have to wait until “Tomorrow” to find out! (Just kidding. Annie won’t be released until Dec. 19.)