The 'major concern' woman who looks like she's 8 years old has about getting pregnant

On Tuesday's episode of I Am Shauna Rae, TLC's new show about a 22-year-old woman who has the body of an 8-year-old, Shauna Rae visited a doctor for a routine checkup and to ask about the possibility of having kids one day.

"I know that things can be affected by my height. I know that I may not be able to carry a baby. I mean, I don't plan on getting pregnant anytime soon. I would like to know if I can be a mom," Shauna told Dr. Cheek.

Since Shauna's size is linked to a dormant pituitary gland, caused by the brain cancer she had at 6 months old, and is not a genetic form of dwarfism. In that case, the doctor said that Shauna would carry an average-sized child, which would put her in a higher-risk situation.

Cheek told Shauna, "In addition, I know that there is the history of chemotherapy, and depending on which chemotherapy you had, that may also impact ovarian reserve and how many eggs, and how many good eggs you have left. In a sense, it would be my recommendation that we get you set up with an OB-GYN so that you have somebody that you can ask a few more questions about this to."

Shauna explained that since she is becoming an adult, she is starting to think about "adult things," which involves her fertility.

"The doctor did say it would be risky for me to have a child at my size. I knew that answer. But I think my height would affect the ability to take care of a child tremendously. Um, do I think I could carry around a toddler? I can lift a 5-year-old for, like, five minutes," laughed Shauna.

Ultimately, while having children isn't at the top of her priority list, as she still has to get over the hurdle that is her dating life, Shauna ultimately shared what she's worried about the most.

"The major concern when it comes to having kids, though, with me, after they are born, is the fact that they will get taller than me. That'll take a huge emotional toll, not only on me, but on my child. And that is the more concerning things for me than the physical aspect of me having a child," admitted Shauna.

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