The Kardashians Cast Their Spell on Courteney Cox, Isla Fisher, and Sacha Baron Cohen


The most bizarre group of celebrities we’ve seen in a long time. (Photo: Instagram)

The Kardashians have expanded their fan base.

The family enjoyed a movie night Monday with some unusual special guests: Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher, Courteney Cox, and her daughter, Coco Arquette. Kim and Kourtney both posted a picture of the odd viewing party on Instagram, explaining that they screened Cohen’s new flick, The Brothers Grimsby, after a dinner party.

“We laughed so hard we cried!” was film critic Kim’s review of the flick, which co-stars the husband and wife team.

We keep staring at the photo and rubbing our eyes because: Huh?! What an odd group. While we’re used to seeing large numbers of Kardashians in our Instagram feed (occupational hazard), it’s usually not with a Friends alum. (Especially after the least interesting Friend (that would be David Schwimmer) refused to even meet the Kardashians. Courteney is now going to the movies with them?! Meanwhile, you’d think Kris’s boyfriend Corey Gamble and Isla Fisher go way back from the way they’re embracing in the shot.

The least surprising thing about this picture is that Kanye “I Never Smile” West is grinning. Though his eyes appear to be closed, so he could have slept through the whole thing — as he usually does.

As the Kardashians strive for world domination, they seem to be winning over A-listers one at a time. First there was Anna Wintour, which nobody would have ever predicted.

(Photo: Instagram)

Then Jennifer Lawrence and Kris Jenner became bedmates.

(Photo: Instagram)

Even Jennifer Lopez crossed over.

(Photo: Instagram)

They’re casting their spell one celebrity at a time.