The Horrible Accidents That Led to Walton Goggins’s Beautiful Smile

On Monday’s Conan, the host sat down with Walton Goggins, star of Vice Principals and a real Southern charmer, to discuss his new HBO series and the origin of his pearly white chompers. Unfortunately, Goggins had to earn those teeth … in a horrific childhood sports accident.

Goggins described how a baseball to the mouth took out two of his front teeth. The horrific aftermath at the emergency room saved his teeth and left him with quite a story to tell. Having two teeth shoved into holes in your gums sounds like something out of a medieval dentistry guidebook, but, as Goggins explained to Conan, it was 1979.

His pearly whites were rescued for only a short period of time: The actor dove into the shallow end of a pool and knocked them out again a year and a half later. The result was a bridge containing his two front teeth that he could remove on command — the perfect party trick for any high schooler.

Watch a recap of the series premiere of Vice Principals:

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