Here's the Trailer for 'The Hallow,' Which Looks Like This Year's 'The Babadook'

Last year, Australian horror film The Babadook came out of nowhere to terrify audiences and delight critics. IFC Midnight, that film’s distributor, may just have this year’s foreign horror breakout as well with The Hallow. You can watch the exclusive trailer premiere above.

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The film comes from first-time feature director Corin Hardy, a British visual artist and music video director. The Hallow follows a traditional horror path early on, sending a sweet young couple (Joseph Mawle and Bojana Novakovic) and their child to an isolated and mysterious rural area, where inevitably, an old evil awaits. This time, it’s a secluded forest in rural Ireland, where a demonic horde feared by local villagers does not take kindly to the invasion by the father, a young conservationist who has been sent to survey the land.

From there, all hell breaks loose, as the trailer makes very clear.

Hardy is an admirer of ‘70s and ‘80s horror films and creature features, and counts genre masters such as Ray Harryhausen and Dick Smith as influences on his visual effects style. Those aesthetic influences were noted by Variety in the positive review the trade gave the film in January, which credit Hardy for filling the film with “palpable fanboy glee.”

The Hallow hits theaters on Nov. 6 and DirecTV on Oct. 8.