‘The Good Dinosaur’ Easter Eggs Uncovered! See Where Pizza Planet Truck, Luxo Ball Were Hiding (Video)

Pixar fans go into the studio’s movies on the lookout, knowing that there will be Easter eggs aplenty. The Pizza Planet truck. The Luxo ball. A113. The Wilhelm scream.

The Disney-owned company’s most recent release, The Good Dinosaur, is no exception. But it’s a lot harder to hide a pickup or a brightly colored ball in a prehistoric setting. To help fans track down the hidden surprises, the Mouse House is releasing “Spot the Dinosaur Eggs,” a video via Disney Movies Anywhere, to coincide with the home version of The Good Dinosaur. The exclusive preview clip above divulges the whereabouts of two of the most notable Pixar Easter eggs: the Pizza Planet truck, which dates back to the first Toy Story (1995), and the Luxo ball, which appeared in the studio’s very first short, 1986’s Luxo, Jr. (which featured the eponymous desk lamp that has become Pixar’s mascot).

That asteroid belt contains more than space rocks.


Look closely at that hallucinogenic berry. Notice anything familiar?


The full Easter egg clip, which reveals even more surprises, will be available on Disney Movies Anywhere on Tuesday, the same day The Good Dinosaur is out on Blu-ray, DVD, and digital.