New 'The Giver' Posters Should Reassure Fans of the YA Novel

Call it a black-and-white issue. Fans of Lois Lowry’s YA novel The Giver went ballistic after viewing first trailer of the upcoming big-screen adaptation last month: the scenes showed color footage of a world that is supposed to be drab and monochromatic. The studio quickly responded: parts of the film would definitely be presented in black and white.

And that what we (mostly) get in these new posters, which show appropriately moody close-ups of stars Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep.

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The dystopian book tells of a future society with a frightening approach to social engineering. Bridges stars as the title character, the aged and weary caretaker of memories from past generations. His burden allows everyone else to live in blissful ignorance of experiences good (the color blue and the taste of snowflakes) and bad (war, famine, the pain of a broken leg).

The Chief Elder (played by Streep) selects young Jonas (Brenton Thwaites) to become the new Receiver of Memory and brings him to the Giver. In the trailer, Bridges warns the boy that his emergence from a life of gray matter is bound to come as a serious shock.  Those thin strips of color in the poster offer a hint of what will be revealed to him about the world.

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There are also other character posters for stars Brenton ThwaitesOdeya Rush, Cameron MonaghanAlexander Skarsgård, Katie Holmes, and Taylor Swift for the film which on Aug. 15.