‘The Flash’ Recap: Savitar Escapes

On “The Wrath of Savitar” episode of The Flash, the gang used Julian’s connection to the new bad guy in hopes of figuring out how to prevent him from killing Iris.

Future Barry had imprisoned Savitar in the Speed Force but the villain had some surprising news for current Barry. “I am closer to my freedom than I have ever been,” warned the evil speedster. “Every step, every move that you make, it only brings me nearer to it.”

Savitar was referring to the Philosopher’s Stone, which has the power to help him escape from the Speed Force. Foolishly the gang had thrown the stone into the Speed Force but Caitlin held onto a small piece so Savitar wasn’t able to escape.

Unfortunately, Wally stole the missing piece of the Philosopher’s Stone, and thinking he was doing something good, he hurled it into a portal to the Speed Force. Once Savitar had the missing piece, he escaped and placed Wally as captive in his place.

Barry tried fighting Savitar, but the villain was just too strong. After stabbing Barry in the chest, he left the speedster with an ominous goodbye, saying, “I want so badly to kill you, and I will, but you have to live a little while longer — long enough to see Iris die.”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8pm on the CW.

Watch Barry ask Iris to marry him:

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