The 5 Best Movie Bosses

You know how bosses stink? Well, not all of them. My bosses, for instance? Love ‘em. Love ‘em! Best bosses in the world. Good save. Anyway, you know how bosses stink? Well, sometimes bosses are actually really good. They’re decent people who are in their position because they’re capable workers. It’s in that spirit that today, National Boss Day, we present the five best movie bosses.

Robert Loggia as MacMillan in Big

We like MacMillan as a leader because he celebrates his odd new employee, Josh, and gives someone with honest and different opinions a position where that person might make an impact.

Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox in The Dark Knight

Fox is a genius and a man of principle. So often people in his position seek more power, but when Fox learns of Bruce Wayne’s extensive and illegal espionage tech set up, he’d rather quit than allow it to continue after the Joker’s capture.

Michael Keaton as Walter ‘Robby’ Robinson in Spotlight

In 1993, Robinson effectively ignores a list of pedophile priests, but in 2001 he leads his team to report on the cover-up by the Boston Archdiocese. He’s a good boss because he acknowledges that he has made a mistake and learns from it.

Ice Cube as Calvin Palmer in Barbershop

Palmer is cranky and perpetually in danger of losing his father’s business in this trilogy, but there’s no doubt that he’s a good person who cares about the people who work for him. What else could you ask for?

Anne Hathaway as Jules Ostin in The Intern

When provided with a 70-year-old intern, Ostin could have kept him tucked away never to be heard from, but instead she understands that there is wisdom to be gained from the opinions of our elders and benefits both as a person and a businesswoman.

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