The Epic Anti-Spoiler Poster on the 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Set

Is J.J. Abrams’ anti-spoiler poster actually a hint that Darth Vader is coming back for Episode VII to choke young Imperial officers?

No, probably not, but it’s fun to speculate!

Frank Marshall, the husband of Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy, tweeted the photo above when he visited Pinewood Studios in London on Monday where the Star Wars sequel is being filmed. Director J.J. Abrams’s hatred of leaks is legendary, and now he’s got a rabid Internet of Star Wars fans to contend with. And because they read into every little sliver of information and amplify rumors and hearsay across the geek-o-sphere, no matter what he says or does — including putting up this fun poster — will become fodder for the daily grist mill.

We won’t print them, but after the rumors that ripped through the web last week, here’s hoping nothing leaks, and we can stay blissfully unaware for the next year… or at least until the first official images and trailer comes out.

Or, maybe Abrams can keep having his fun with all of us, as he did when he posted this photo in June.

Photo credit: Frank Marshall/Twitter