The 'dumb' mistake Paul Rudd made on a fake ID in high school

Paul Rudd joined The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday, where he made it quite clear he’s not your go-to guy when forging government documents. When talking about what he would change to improve himself (he’d change from 5-foot-10 to 6-foot-2), Rudd, who was promoting his new Netflix show Living With Yourself, was struck with a memory.

“I just had this memory,” Rudd said, trying not to laugh. “When I was in high school I made a fake ID, and I was so dumb that I put my height at five twelve.”

And the memories flowed from there. Rudd said that he was making fake IDs for himself and a group of friends to take to Florida on spring break. The problem was, this was well before the average home had advanced computer technology, so Rudd went to work on a typewriter, which posed its own set of challenges.

“It looks typed,” Rudd recalled. “I even messed up and put Wite-Out on something, and then typed another thing, so that you could hold it up and you could see the Wite-Out.”

Then, Rudd explained, he added a special touch to the back of the fake IDs: A black and white, Xeroxed copy of the state seal of Florida. And the terrible fake IDs weren’t the only thing about the trip that was not well thought out.

“It was sad because I think we went to a place where there really wasn’t a spring break. There weren’t, like, other kids,” Rudd said. “We went to some place — I think we went someplace inland.”

But, despite being obviously fake, Rudd’s decision to add the Florida state seal to the back of the IDs sealed the deal.

“We were all nervous,” Rudd said. “We went to some bar, gave it to the bouncer, and the guy’s like, ‘Come on.’ And then the owner of the place comes over, he looks at it, he flips it over, he says, ‘What? There’s a state seal. It’s real.’”

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