'Twilight' Star Peter Facinelli is Looking for Haunted Shelter in a New Clip From 'The Damned'

It was a dark and stormy night. So begins IFC’s new supernatural horror movie The Damned (out July 25 on VOD and in theaters Aug. 29) about a family (including the Twilight series’ Peter Facinelli) whose car crashes on a back road in Colombia one night during a deluge, leaving them stuck at a spooky old inn with a spooky old innkeeper who’s got a young girl trapped in the basement. The family resolves to rescue her—but maybe they should just leave well enough alone?

In this exclusive clip, we see the water-logged car accident that leaves the group hurt, stranded, and desperate for any shelter, even the evil-haunted kind. Back when the movie was still called Gallows Hill, director Victor Garcia talked to Dread Central about it. “The story moves from a spooky house story to a more action-driven movie, having always in mind that it’s a story about characters,” he said. “I’ve always thought that no matter how creepy, scary or gory your film is, nothing is going to fully work unless you’ve got a sense of real drama and real characters.”