‘The Daily Show’ Tries to Unite Trump and Clinton Supporters

The Daily Show was live during the presidential election on Wednesday. With the election close and the country split, Jordan Klepper tried to heal the divide by visiting Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton supporters.

Much like the candidates were asked in the town hall debate to compliment each other, Klepper asked each camp to compliment the other side’s candidate. Unsurprisingly, Klepper was hard pressed to find supporters who could say anything positive about the other side.

Klepper even tried to combine the two campaign slogans by printing “Make America Stronger Together Again” on hats and buttons. Those weren’t greeted warmly either. However, Klepper was able to find a shred of commonality between the supporters: Their thoughts on the candidates’ hair.

The Daily Show airs weeknights at 11 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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