‘The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey’ Reveals Their Murder Suspect

In the second half of The Case of: JonBenét Ramsey, the group of detectives, profilers, and scientists who researched the case came to a conclusion on who they believe murdered JonBenét. It turns out they believe her brother, Burke, probably murdered her because she stole a piece of pineapple.

The investigation was led by retired FBI profiler Jim Clemente, and it was the DA’s former chief investigator, James Kolar, who revealed the hypothesis. “I think Burke was upset about circumstances or Christmas presents; he probably would have been upset about her trying on snag a piece of pineapple,” he suggested. “Out of anger, he may have struck her with that flashlight.”

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Kolar’s peers agreed with his hypothesis because there had been a history of jealousy and violence between the siblings, as well as questionable responses from Burke when he was interrogated as a child.

While the investigators think they know what happened, the truth may never come out. Clemente echoed the sadness of the case, saying, “I think in the end, this was about two parents who deeply cared for the daughter they lost and wanted to protect the child they had remaining.”

See three things that were revealed in the first half of the show:

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