Yes, 'The Big Bang Theory' Showrunner Has Played With 'TBBT' Lego Set

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

And, no surprise, he’s a fan.

The Big Bang Theory showrunner Steve Molaro not only has one of the very cool TBBT collectibles in his possession, but he tells Yahoo TV he’s already built the set himself. “It’s completely crazy. It’s really cool. There’s a lot of fun little details. Cinnamon [Raj’s dog] is in it, which I think is hilarious,” says Molaro, who recently spent a couple of days tinkering with the pop culture toy in the writers’ room while working on a script for The Big Bang Theory’s upcoming 10th season.

“I noticed that each of the character’s heads have a happy face on one side and an angrier, agitated face on the other, so you can choose.”

The Lego set, created by a pair of TBBT fans via the company’s Lego Ideas platform (the same one that sparked another TV fan to create that Interwebs-favorite Golden Girls set that’s still in review to become an actual product), contains mini-figures of all seven main characters: Leonard, Penny, Sheldon, Amy, Howard, Bernadette, and Raj. You’ll have to DIY minifigs of Wil Wheaton, Kripke, Raj’s current girlfriend, Emily, and comic book shop owner Stuart.


As for whether or not the cool toy will pop up in the show — it’s exactly the sort of thing that would be for sale at Stuart’s store, right? — Molaro says he’s considering how the writers could make such a meta moment happen. “It would be weird,” he says. “I think it’s awesome that it exists. It’s mind-blowing. We talk about Lego so much in the show. I don’t know how we’d do that. It’s just crazy and cool.”

Well, except for one tiny quibble about the otherwise meticulously recreated living room of Sheldon and Leonard. “The little box next to the couch, where Wolowitz sometimes sits, isn’t quite big enough for someone to sit on,” Molaro reports, laughing. “I might need to get a couple of extra Lego pieces and fix it myself, because I know where they all sit.”

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 premieres on Sept. 21 at 8 p.m. on CBS.