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The best Super Bowl 2024 TV deals we could find

Well-reviewed TVs from Samsung, TCL and Hisense are up to 30 percent off ahead of Super Bowl 58.

Amy Skorheim

Super Bowl LVIII is right around the corner, which means it's a solid time to go TV shopping. To help those looking for a new set, we've rounded up the best Super Bowl 2024 TV deals we could find from Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. Most of the discounts stem from the natural pricing cycle of the TV market more than Super Bowl-specific sales, as most sets are released in the spring and gradually drop in price until they're discontinued the following year. That's happening again now, and after several TV makers unveiled their 2024 lineups during CES last month, last year's TVs are likely to fall even further as the year rolls along.

Still, if you want a new living room centerpiece today, a number of well-regarded TVs have returned to the all-time lows we saw during the holiday shopping season, including 55-, 65- and 77-inch sets from Samsung, TCL and Hisense. While we don't typically review TVs at Engadget, we've scoured reviews from other professionals we trust and double-checked price histories to ensure you get a good deal. Just note that shipping times will vary at different retailers, so you may have to shop around if you want a new set to watch the Chiefs take on the 49ers specifically.

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The 77-inch Samsung S90C is on sale for $2,300 at Amazon, Best Buy and Samsung ahead of Super Bowl 58. This is about $50 more than the TV's all-time low but $200 less than its going rate over the holidays. The 65-inch model is technically on sale for $1,600 as well, though we've seen that price for most of the last few months. 

This is a premium 4K TV that has received near-universal praise for its QD-OLED panel, which delivers the high contrast and wide viewing angles expected from a good OLED TV but uses a layer of quantum dots to improve its color saturation and peak brightness. This means it should hold up better than most traditional OLED TVs when placed outside of a dark room. It's also a great option for gaming, as it has four HDMI 2.1 ports that support up to a 144Hz refresh rate. The main negative, as with all Samsung TVs, is that it doesn't support the popular Dolby Vision HDR format. 

$2,300 at Amazon
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$2,300 at Best Buy

The 55-inch version of Samsung's The Frame TV is down to $1,000 at Amazon, Samsung, B&H and others. That's $20 more than the this model's best-ever price but roughly $300 less than its average street price in recent months. The 65-inch version, meanwhile, is down to $1,398 at Amazon subsidiary Woot. That one is a $600 drop from the TV's usual price over the last two months and $200 below its going rate on Black Friday. Woot has other variants down to near-lows as well, including the 43-inch model for $728, the 50-inch model for $868 and the 75-inch model for $1,968.

You'd buy a Frame TV for the aesthetic, as it's built to look like a piece of art you can mount on your wall. When you aren't watching TV, you can have it display photos or various artworks. Some pieces come included, while more are available through an optional subscription. The TV itself has a solid QLED panel with good brightness, but it lacks full-array local dimming or mini-LED backlighting, so it can't match the contrast and general HDR performance of the best options in its price range. It's also limited to one HDMI 2.1 port, so it's not ideal for those who own a PS5 and Xbox Series X. Samsung announced a new Frame TV at CES earlier this month, though it's unclear when that 2024 model will be available.

$1,000 at Woot
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$1,000 at Samsung

The 55-inch Hisense U8K is available for a new low of $650 at Amazon and Best Buy ahead of Super Bowl 58, which is $50 less than the TV's former best price. The 65- and 75-inch models are also down to $898 and $1,150, respectively; the former is a smidge higher than the best discount we've seen, but the latter undercuts the previous all-time low by $150. 

Numerous reviews around the web have called the U8K one of 2023's better values, praising its high brightness and contrast compared to other midrange LED TVs. It supports all the major HDR formats, its Google TV interface is simple to navigate and it comes with two HDMI 2.1 ports that can play in 4K up to 144Hz. It also includes an ATSC 3.0 tuner, so it can stream 4K over-the-air programming with an antenna. That said, the picture can get washed out when viewed from an angle and, like most LED TVs, it won't look as vivid or fast in motion as a good OLED set.

$650 at Amazon
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$650 at Best Buy

The Hisense U6K is down to $350 for a 55-inch set and $648 for a 75-inch set. Both of those match the all-time lows we saw at different points in November and December. This is another highly-rated LED set, albeit for those on a tighter budget. It's one of the few TVs in its price range to offer a mini-LED backlight with full-array local dimming, which allows for more precise contrast control and better black-level performance than most of its peers. It uses quantum dots to help boost its color output, another rarity for a value-minded TV, plus it runs on the Google TV platform.

There are still tradeoffs compared to a higher-end set like the U8K: It can't get nearly as bright, it lacks HDMI 2.1 ports, it's limited to a 60Hz refresh rate and it's a bit more sluggish to navigate its UI. Its viewing angles aren't great either. For the money, though, those shouldn't be dealbreakers.

$350 at Best Buy

The 65-inch Hisense U7K is down to $680 at Best Buy, which is the best price we've tracked and $20 less than the sale price we saw during the holiday season. The 75-inch version is back at its prior low of $898 as well.

As you might guess, this TV sits between the U8K and U6K in Hisense's 2023 lineup. Reviews suggest that it isn't as bright or color-rich as the former, with worse contrast in darker rooms and still-subpar viewing angles, but that it'll be a significant upgrade over the latter. It'll be particularly better-suited than the U6K for gaming, as it has two HDMI 2.1 ports that can play 4K at 144Hz and support variable refresh rates. If you can't stretch your budget too far, it should be a solid compromise.

$680 at Best Buy

The 65-inch TCL QM8 is back on sale for $900, which is another price we saw for most of November and December but matches the TV's second-best discount to date. The only time it's dropped lower was an hours-long dip to $750 in mid-December. The 75- and 85-inch models are also available for near-lows of $1,298 and $1,798, respectively.

The QM8 is generally regarded as a close competitor to the Hisense U8K with even better brightness, a mini-LED backlight to aid contrast and quantum dots to improve colors. It uses the Google TV platform, and it has two HDMI 2.1 ports that support 4K up to 144Hz. Unlike the U8K, it also separates its eARC port from its HDMI 2.1 ports, which means you could keep a PS5, Xbox Series X and eARC-enabled soundbar hooked up and optimized at once without having change inputs. It's not available in a size smaller than 65 inches, however, and it lacks the Hisense TV's ATSC 3.0 tuner, so it limits over-the-air broadcasts to 1080p. Some reviews say it's worse than the U8K at upscaling lower-resolution content as well.

$900 at Amazon
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$900 at Best Buy

The 55-inch TCL Q6 is down to $320 at Amazon and Best Buy, which is $20 more than the set's all-time low but about $30 less than its typical price over the last few months. The 75-inch model is on sale for $648, which matches its lowest price to date, while the 65-inch version is $50 more than its all-time low at $498.

This is a budget-level TV that mainly competes with the Hisense U6K. Most reviews suggest that it can't match that set's contrast, colors and general HDR performance, as it lacks a local dimming feature and mini-LED backlighting. However, it's worth a mention because it can play at a faster 120Hz refresh rate, albeit at a 1080p or 1440p resolution. For competitive-minded gamers who are willing to trade some picture quality for a smoother and more responsive image, it could be a decent value.

$320 at Amazon
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$320 at Best Buy

The 55-inch Samsung QN90C is down to a new low of $1,298 in time for the Super Bowl, which is $100 less than its sale price over the holidays. The 85-inch model, meanwhile, is $200 off its previous low and down to $2,398.

This is another premium, well-reviewed set with high brightness levels and good contrast and color performance for an LED TV. Some reviews say its viewing angles hold up better than the Hisense U8K and TCL QM8, too. Still, those TVs look to offer close-enough performance for much lower prices, so they're likely better buys for most. The QN90C also lacks Dolby Vision HDR, and its Tizen interface isn't quite as intuitive as Google TV. That said, Samsung's TV has four HDMI 2.1 ports, all of which support 4K video up to 120Hz (which is the cap for the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S). That's two more than the U8K, QM8 or other pricey rivals like the Sony X93L, and potentially a boon for those with several gaming devices.

We'll note that the 43- and 50-inch versions of the QN90C are also on sale for lows of $898 and $1,098, respectively. Those two support a faster maximum refresh rate of 144Hz, but they also use a different panel type (VA), so they may not perform as well as the larger models.

$1,298 at Amazon
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$1,298 at Walmart
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If you're happy with your existing TV but need a new media streamer, the Google Chromecast with Google TV is the top pick in our streaming devices buying guide, and it's dropped back to $40 at Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers. We've seen this deal several times before, but it still takes $10 off the 4K streamer's typical going rate. The latest Chromecast has been hanging around since 2020, but it loads apps and menus quickly enough, and it still supports all the major streaming services and HDR formats. It also works with Dolby Atmos audio via HDMI passthrough. The main appeal, though, is its Google TV interface, which does well to proactively recommend shows and movies you might like based on your viewing history. TV series you're currently watching are typically placed toward the top, and searching for new content is generally flexible and accurate.

Roku's Streaming Stick 4K is also worth noting at its current price for $39. We've seen this price for most of the last two months, so we can't call it a genuine deal. Still, some may prefer the Roku stick's simpler app-based interface and Apple AirPlay support, even if it can't personalize itself to your viewing habits the way the Chromecast can.

$40 at Amazon
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$40 at Walmart
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Sonos has rolled out a few new discounts for the lead-up to Super Bowl 58, which include its high-end Arc soundbar on sale for $719. While not an all-time low, that's $180 off the device's list price and the same discount we saw during Black Friday last year. This deal is also available at Best Buy, B&H and other third-party retailers.

We gave the Arc a review score of 85 back in 2020 and currently highlight it in our soundbar buying guide. It’s a 5.0.2 system with Dolby Atmos support and two up-firing speakers to add some height to its sound. It’s not the absolute best performing option for the price, but it still sounds impressively clean and spacious for an all-in-one model. It slots in easily with an existing Sonos system, and the Sonos app continues to give quick access to device controls and various music streaming services. It also works with Apple AirPlay, Alexa and the Google Assistant.

The big hangup, besides the price, is that it only has one HDMI port, which itself lacks HDMI passthrough. So you’ll need to double-check that your TV has an eARC port to send Atmos signals over a single cable. If you already own a Sonos soundbar but want to add some extra bass, the Sonos Sub subwoofer is also on sale for $639, which is a $160 discount. Note, though, that Sonos may release an updated Arc and subwoofer later in 2024, according to a Bloomberg report from last November.

$719 at Sonos
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$719 at B&H Photo

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