The Best Movie Lines of 2015

No matter how big its special effects or charismatic its actors, it’s hard to make even a half-way decent movie without a good script. And while writers know that a good script requires structure, foreshadowing, character development, and a host of other important elements, the easiest way to impress and delight an audience is by loading a movie up with fun one-liners and quick quips.

Having watched hundreds of new movies in 2015 — you can read our best and worst-of lists here — your pals here at Yahoo Movies present to you some of the funniest and smartest lines uttered on the big screen this year.

There are metaphors (B.D. Wong’s shaky ethical argument in Jurassic World) and quips about hipsters (Ben Stiller’s put-down in While We’re Young); inspirational conversations (Adonis and Rocky’s exchange in Creed) and even some harsh words about pizza (Anger’s rant Inside Out). And of course, we included the Star Wars line that summed up everyone’s feeling about seeing Han Solo back in the Millennium Falcon.

Watch our best movies of 2015 super-cut below: