ABC Announces the Next 'Bachelorette' — And a Truly Crazy Twist

Kristen Baldwin
·Editor-in-Chief, Yahoo Entertainment

For weeks, rose lovers, it’s been a foregone conclusion that the star of The Bachelorette would be one of two women: Britt, the waitress from Hollywood with a casual relationship to showers, or Kaitlyn, the Canadian dancer with a raunchy sense of humor.

Well, Bachelor Nation, we were wrong. Monday night Chris Harrison broke the news that next Bachelorette is… both Kaitlyn and Britt!


"We had a real hard time deciding. Bachelor Nation was pretty much split down the middle," explained host Chris Harrison. "For the first time in Bachelorette history, we’re going to have two Bachelorettes!” How will it work? “The 25 men on night one are going to have the ultimate say about who they think will make the best wife,” said Harrison. The show has tried something like this before: In the Season 6 premiere of The Bachelor, the female contestants chose between two rose-giving suitors, Byron and Jay. 

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This is a truly elegant — and cruel — solution to the fundamental problem with The Bachelorette: It is simply just not as interesting to watch guys compete for a woman than it is to see women compete for a man. On The Bachelorette, there are far fewer tears, fights, and general neuroses-driven meltdowns per episode than we get on The Bachelor — and that behavior is what keeps us tuning in week after week. (Unless you’re into the whole “romance” aspect of it… but I doubt you are.)  Even though we don’t know exactly how this Britt-Kaitlyn situation is going to work, it’s clear these “ladies” will be pitted against each other — and that’s a thing of beauty. 

So, rose lovers, are you happy with our future Bachelorettes?

The Bachelorette will premiere this May on ABC.