The Avengers Meets 'The Office' in Our Video Mash-Up

When it comes down to it, the Avengers are basically living in a workplace comedy. Sure, the stakes are a little higher in the Marvel universe than they are in the Scranton, Pennsylvania, world of NBC’s long-running comedy The Office. But there’s no shortage of on-the-job banter at Stark Tower, and all the types are accounted for: The over-confident boss (Tony Stark); the naïve guy who’s always a little slow to get the joke (Captain America); the smart one who uses sarcasm as a survival tool (Hulk); and the perpetually underestimated woman (Black Widow).

Sure, they all come from different worlds — particularly Thor — but working as a team, they’re bound to come out on top. (That’s what she said.) And if they ever tire of saving the galaxy, they might have a bright future selling paper products. With that in mind, enjoy our video mash-up of The Avengers and the dearly-departed The Office.