'The Affair' Scoop: Jennifer Esposito to Guest in Season 2

·Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

As if Noah Holloway doesn’t have enough trouble managing relationships with the women in his life, it looks like there’ll be one more female to complicate his world in Season 2 of The Affair: his sister.

Yahoo TV can exclusively reveal that current Mistresses co-star Jennifer Esposito will drop in on Noah (Dominic West) in Season 2’s fourth episode, playing his sib, Nina Parla. Nina is the mother of twins, and is described as being particularly “frank.” And since she’s privy to all kinds of information about Noah’s past, and Noah likes to keep all info about his roots on the down low, we’re guessing he might not be so excited to have his sis all up in his Kool-Aid.

Besides, as the newly released trailer for Season 2 (below) reveals, Mr. Holloway already has plenty of drama on his plate. He and mistress Alison (Golden Globe winner Ruth Wilson) appear to be cohabitating, but Noah’s estranged wife, Helen (Maura Tierney), demands that Alison steer clear of her children, and Alison’s hubby, Cole (Joshua Jackson), shows up for a visit that leaves one half of “Noahison” less than thrilled to see him.

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The second season of the Golden Globe-winning drama also promises some answers to the mystery of Scotty Lockhart’s murder. Will that mean all the women in Noah’s life may soon be seeing him only on hoosegow visiting days?

Season 2 of The Affair will premiere on Showtime this fall.