Thanksgiving Movie Ending Explained & Spoilers: Who Is the Killer & Who Dies?

Thanksgiving Ending Explained spoilers
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Fans who saw Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving have many questions about the film’s ending, most notably “Who is the killer?” and Who dies?” Here are all your questions answered with spoilers.

Thanksgiving Ending Explained spoilers
Thanksgiving Ending Explained spoilers

Who is the killer in Thanksgiving?

The killer in Thanksgiving is Sheriff Eric Newlon.

For much of the film’s runtime, Newlon aids Jessica in trying to track down Bobby, whom Jessica initially believes is John Carver, the killer. However, Jessica eventually discovers that Newlon himself is John Carver, which the latter quickly picks up on.

Newlon reveals that he became John Carver to get revenge on those responsible for the murder of Amanda Collins during the 2022 Black Friday stampede at RightMart. Amanda was the wife of store manager Mitch Collins, with whom he had been having an affair and who was pregnant with his child,

Who dies in Thanksgiving?

Amanda Collins, Manny, Lizzie, Lonnie, Amy, Yulia, Lionel, Kathleen Wright, Evan, and Eric Newlon/John Carver all die in Thanksgiving.

  • Amanda Collins dies at the beginning of the film when she bleeds to death after part of her scalp is torn off by the wheel of a shopping cart that had rammed into her head as a result of the Black Friday stampede at RightMart.

  • Lizzie, the waitress, dies after she is cut in half by a dumpster lid when John Carver drives a car onto it.

  • Manny dies after his head is sliced off by John Carver, who wraps garrote wire around his neck and pulls it.

  • Lonnie dies after John Carver snaps his neck.

  • Amy dies after Carver stabs her hand and foot.

  • Yulia, whom Carver deafens, dies after her arm and stomach are shredded by a buzzsaw she is thrown into.

  • Kathleen Wright dies after her flesh is melted and cooked alive in an oven by Carver.

  • Evan dies after being bludgeoned to death by Carver.

  • Eric Newlon dies after being blown up by Jessica with a turkey balloon.

Is Eric Newlon really dead?

Eric Newlon seemingly dies at the end of Thanksgiving after being blown up by Jessica.

However, it is implied that he survived after a masked firefighter walks away from the warehouse where Jessica fought and seemingly killed Newlon.

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