Need a Thanksgiving laugh? Funny memes, jokes to make dad proud of his favorite turkey

The time of year has come for Thanksgiving jokes and memes to save your holiday.
The time of year has come for Thanksgiving jokes and memes to save your holiday.

No family gathering is complete without an arsenal of funny jokes and memes, and Thanksgiving is no different.

We've loaded you up with some classic dad jokes, funny one-liners and hilarious memes to share when the uncles' political coversation starts to reach that next level.

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Question: What does grandma say when you burn the holiday meal?

Answer: Good gravy!

Q: Why didn't the turkey get invited for any Thanksgiving games?

A: It was accused of fowl play.

Q: Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?

A: The outside.

Q: What do you call a Thanksgiving dance for turkeys?

A: A Butterball.

Q:  What kind of music did the pilgrims like?

A: Plymouth Rock.

Q: What do you call Thanksgiving gossip at the dinner table?

A: A side dish.

Q: What do you call a turkey after Thanksgiving?

A: Lucky.

Q: What do you call a turkey on Thanksgiving?

A: Delicious.

Q: Knock-knock. Who's there? Arthur. Arthur who?

A: Arthur any leftovers?

Q: What are turkeys thankful for on Thanksgiving?

A: Vegetarians.

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Funny Thanksgiving one-liners

  • Stop, drop and pass the rolls!

  • I just met you. Don't trust your gravy. I'll try some stuffing. Carved turkey? Maybe.

  • My family asked me to stop telling Thanksgiving jokes immediately. I can't believe they expect me to quit cold turkey!

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