Texas Patrol Car Responding to Crash Hit by Second Vehicle

Police officers responding to a crash in Schulenburg, Texas, had a lucky escape on February 13 when a second vehicle drove over ice and hit their patrol car.

Officers were responding to a crash on a frontage road off the Interstate 10 in Schulenburg when another vehicle hit an icy stretch on the overpass and began rolling down the embankment towards the officers.

Police said one officer was in his patrol car speaking to two individuals when the vehicle began rolling down the embankment.

Footage released by the Schulenburg Police Department shows one of the individuals run from the scene as the officer pulls the other person into his patrol car.

“We would like to commend Officer Parkinson for his situational awareness and quick thinking as he pulled the second person into his patrol unit,” police said.

Nobody was injured in the incident, police said. Credit: Schulenburg Police Department via Storyful