Tesla’s “Apocalypse-Proof” Cybertruck Involved in Accident Near Beverly Hills Hotel

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The rough rollout that’s beset the long-awaited Tesla Cybertruck continued this week in Los Angeles after one of the sought-after vehicles was involved in an accident outside The Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunday night.

In a social media post flagged to Tesla CEO Elon Musk on his other company’s platform, X (formerly known as Twitter), user @jackdidthatt asked Musk if a friend could have a new Cybertruck after the user said it was crashed by a valet driver just beneath the swanky hotel’s entrance sign. An image accompanying the tweet shows the futuristic electric vehicle lifted onto the grassy elevated cement outside the hotel.

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The full damage to the vehicle is unclear, but an image posted on the website InsideEVs shows the front passenger-side wheel missing.

A representative for The Beverly Hills Hotel told The Hollywood Reporter by phone on Monday morning that she can “100 percent confirm that it was not a hotel employee involved” in the accident. Inside EVs also contradicts the X user’s assertion that a valet caused the crash and blames the accident on the vehicle’s driver, who is not named by the publication. Police arrived at the scene and there was minimal damage to the wall beneath the hotel’s sign, the rep confirmed.

The Beverly Hills police also told THR that officers responded late Sunday night to a “two-vehicle collision in the 9600 block of Sunset Blvd.”

The user who initially blamed the valet driver admitted later Monday that the accident was not caused by the valet.

“I drafted up this joke of a tweet with employees of the valet and hotel,” the user wrote in a new X post. “Not thinking it would blow up, we thought it would be funny to say it was valet and not our friend who just crashed his new cybertruck… BHH is not at fault!”

Tesla has marketed its Cybertruck as “apocalypse-proof,” and Musk has touted its durability and toughness, saying at its launch event: “If you’re ever in an argument with another car, you will win.” Questions were raised, however, after crash tests.

The vehicle has also been difficult for Tesla to mass produce, with it originally slated to begin rolling out in 2021 before it was delayed until November 2023.

Tesla has an estimated 1 million-plus unfilled Cybertruck reservations, according to a tracker from Google; Wall Street analysts estimated that the company will deliver 48,500 units in 2024.

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