Terry Bradshaw Shares Health Update One Month After Revealing Battle With Bladder and Skin Cancer

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Terry Bradshaw recently tackled the biggest opponent he's ever faced: cancer.

The former NFL quarterback gave fans an update on his health journey on the Nov. 2 episode of Today, one month after revealing he battled not one, but two kinds of cancer within a year on Fox NFL Sunday.

The 74-year-old—who starred on the E! reality series The Bradshaw Bunchpreviously shared that he had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in Nov. 2021 and had become cancer free after receiving treatment at the Yale University Medical Center.

But after experiencing neck pains, Terry learned he had also developed a rare Merkel cell skin cancer tumor in March 2022—news that particularly worried his wife, Tammy Bradshaw.

"The doctors calls me to tell me what it is, and then I'm shook because I was a radiation therapist for 10 years," she told Today. "I knew where this could go. I knew what the outcomes could be. And it did scare me the second time with that diagnosis."

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Luckily, the tumor was surgically removed at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, and as of this month, Terry is officially cancer free. But if there's one thing he's learned from his health scares, it's that he should live life to the fullest.

"I may have 25, 30 years left," Terry said on Today, "but I'm going to act like I got one."

Terry Bradshaw
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As a part of his post-cancer journey, Terry shared that he and Tammy—who married in 2014—have some travel plans on the horizon. "We're going to go to Europe, going to go to Paris, going to go to wherever we want to go," he said. "I'm going to get all this in because I feel like I don't want to put this off anymore."

And the NFL Hall of Famer couldn't be more excited to do it all with his love by his side. "I can't imagine not holding her hand when we take off on a plane," said Terry, "or when we land or when we snuggle up when we're in bed together. Or when she's sitting over there with our sick puppy."

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