Terry Bradshaw gets his chest waxed, and it's hilarious

On Better Late Than Never, Terry Bradshaw took some bad advice when he decided he should have his chest waxed before going to the beach in Barcelona, Spain. Having played 14 years in the NFL, Bradshaw has dealt with his fair share of pain, but nothing prepared him for the agony that comes with body hair removal.

William Shatner and George Foreman looked on as Jeff Dye, the “sidekick,” applied wax to one side of Bradshaw’s chest. When Dye ripped the wax off, Bradshaw shouted and squealed and was done with the chest-waxing idea. But Shatner was quick to point out that it would look weird if Bradshaw were missing hair only on one side of his chest. So, despite Foreman telling him not to, Bradshaw had a spot on the other side of his chest waxed too. He probably should have listened to Foreman because the second one appeared to take skin with it. Later at the beach, Bradshaw had a large red spot on each side of his chest.

“Have someone slap you with a boat paddle. That’s close,” Bradshaw said, describing the pain. He added, “I got kicked by a horse, run over by a truck. That is a warm-up compared to having your hair ripped off your chest.”

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