The terrifying real teddy bear in Blumhouse’s new horror movie wreaked havoc on the set: "Blood was everywhere"


Imaginary star DeWanda Wise has revealed that far beyond just being the menacing teddy bear at the center of Blumhouse’s new horror film, Chauncey the bear also embarked on a reign of terror over the movie set.

Wise plays the character of Jessica, who moves back into her childhood home with her family and learns of a shocking connection between her young stepdaughter’s new imaginary friend and Jessica’s own troubled childhood.

When asked by GamesRadar+ if there were any pranks played on set with Chauncey the bear – the cuddly toy that is the focus for much of the horror in the film – Wise exclaims: "Did you hear about this? That’s hilarious. OK. Oh my goodness, that’s so crazy that you asked that."

She went on to dish the dirt on what she calls a "set version of a rap battle between Pyper Braun [who plays the little girl Alice in the movie] and our costumes department."

“So Pyper was given ‘Fauncey’ [which is what] we called her Chauncey bear that was fake, and I would get on the elevator and Fauncey would be in the corner with a note taped to him," she continues. "Chauncey with a note in the elevator. I’m not even joking, I’m not exaggerating. By the time we wrapped up production, Fauncey was hanging from the ceiling of the costume room, blood everywhere… everywhere! Like, that bear was in the closet with knives in his hand. That bear was terrorizing that entire crew, and it was the most ridiculous and fun and wild thing ever, and I’m just grateful that the kids had a great time."

To experience being terrorized by Chauncey yourself, check out Imaginary in cinemas from March 8.

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