Terrifying fall on 'America's Got Talent' has everyone freaking out

On Tuesday’s America’s Got Talent, married trapeze couple Mary Ellen Wolfe and Tyce Nielsen, better known as Duo Transcend, were trying to become one of seven of 18 acts to move on to the live shows round. To boost the “wow” factor, they added a blindfold — not that Nielsen needs it.

“I’m legally blind in my right eye,” Nielsen reminded viewers during their pre-routine video package. “One of the most important senses to have, especially doing what we do, I don’t have it.”

In the stunt, he was hanging upside down; Wolfe was supposed to slide down his body, and Nielsen would catch her. But it literally slipped through their fingertips, and she tumbled to the floor below.

Wolfe was OK and actually ready to try the trick again. Despite the mishap, judge Simon Cowell was impressed and compared it to a good singer having a bad night.

“The consequences on this are slightly worse than falling off-key, whereas you nearly broke your neck,” Cowell said, to some audience laughter.

While Wolfe definitely felt that one in the morning — cameras caught a noticeable red mark on her back as the pair left the stage — that they were sent through to the next round probably aided her recovery.

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