Terrifier 3 trailer brings back Art the Clown as an evil Santa

 Terrifier 3.
Terrifier 3.
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The first teaser trailer for Terrifier 3 has arrived – and it's just as gruesome as we thought.

In the brief clip, which can be viewed above, we see a little girl in bed suddenly hear a noise and run downstairs... where she sees someone who appears to be Santa Claus putting something under the Christmas tree. Unfortunately, it's Art the Clown – and he has an axe. So, we can only imagine what happens next. The camera then cuts to a gore-covered Santa Art sitting on a chair in the same living room, which says 'Art' on the wall in blood. Very festive.

"For those of you speculating that the Terrifier 3 teaser is just gonna be some 20-second gimmick, I assure you it’s a legit teaser/trailer," director and writer Damien Leone told Bloody Disgusting. "It’s over 2 minutes long, and you’re gonna f-ing love it."

The cast includes Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw, Elliot Fullam as Jonathan Shaw, Samantha Scaffidi as a now-possessed Victoria Heyes, and David Howard Thornton as our favorite scary clown.

Terrifier 2 grossed an impressive $15.7 million against a $250,000 budget – so a threequel was inevitable. If the gory franchise continues to do well, it's likely that a fourth film will enter the mix (which would make it the fifth film to feature Art the Clown after he made his debut in Leone's anthology film All Hallows' Eve).

Terrifier 3 is set to hit theaters on November 1, 2024. For more, check out our list of the most exciting upcoming movies in 2023.