Terrance Higgins reveals his Big Brother Dyre Fest do-over plan

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Bus driver Terrance Higgins came into the Big Brother house with dreams of running over the competition while packing a pocket full of bus metaphors that were definitely not supplied to him by producers in the Diary Room. But the part-time karaoke DJ spun his final jam on Thursday's live double-eviction episode.

Terrance was the first person voted out on the night, after he became Michael Bruner's target due to Michael promising Matthew Turner safety and believing DJ Showtime was also in on the plan to backdoor him had he not won the Veto. Terrance worked every angle imaginable before his eviction, but nobody would bite, sending him to the jury after a unanimous 4-0 vote.

How does Terrance feel about becoming Michael's target? Why did he never gel with Taylor? And would he have done anything differently at Dyre Fest had he known about Kyle's comments? We asked the 47-year-old all that and more en route to the jury house. (Also read our exit interview with Michael Bruner and weekly Q&A with host Julie Chen Moonves.)

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Big Brother

CBS Terrance Higgins on 'Big Brother'

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How do you feel about Michael putting you and keeping you on the block because he believed you were part of a plan to backdoor him the previous week?

TERRANCE HIGGINS: I think that was just an easy way for Michael to put up nominations and get me out the way. Michael's smarter than that. It was just pure gameplay and that wasn't his true meaning to put me up.

You referenced the jury a lot this week, including in your final speech to the house. What exactly were you threatening to do there?

Not really threatening. I just want people to understand that, you know, conversations will be had with this jury, and they should manage it correctly. So, you know, we all are gonna have deep conversations. So I want people to be cognizant of that.


CBS Terrance Higgins on 'Big Brother'

You and Taylor never got on the same page this summer. Why do you think that is?

Listen, me and Taylor are both Midwesterners and we really do love each other. Don't believe what you saw. We do wish we did lock in together, but we just couldn't this season.

Had you known about Kyle's comments worrying about a second Cookout forming beforehand, would you have done anything differently during your HOH week at Dyre Fest?

That's a great question. I'm not quite sure if I would've done anything differently than what I did. I know Joseph wouldn't have been eliminated, but I think I would've took Alyssa out instead of even Kyle. I think that was a key component to him.

What was your biggest mistake in the game?

My biggest mistake in the game was being loyal to people who did not have my best interest in the game at all. So I think that was my downfall, being loyal to a side of the house that didn't have loyalty to me.

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