Terminator Comics License Lands at Dynamite Entertainment

The Terminator 40th anniversary logo
(Image Source: Dynamite Entertainment)

The Terminator is one of the most influential works of science fiction in history. The original film, which was first released theatrically in 1984, has inspired a host of spin-offs and related media. Now, Dynamite Entertainment is curating a part of that legacy, having taken over the comics rights to the franchise in time for its 40th anniversary.

Dynamite confirmed a partnership with STUDIOCANAL S.A.S. – the production company that oversees the Terminator universe. The deal grants Dynamite exclusive publishing rights to all comic properties relating to the world of Skynet. This includes the rights to reprint comics originally released by other publishers.

“We couldn’t be prouder of this partnership done in collaboration with our agent Creative Licensing,” said Valérie Rolandez-Barrios, STUDIOCANAL’s Senior VP IP Licensing and Partnerships. “The amazing storyline and wonderful artworks by Dynamite are the perfect way to kickstart the franchise´s upcoming anniversary.”

Will Dynamite Publish New Terminator Comics?

Teminator Secondary Objectives 1 cover by Paul Gulacy
(Image Source: Dark Horse Comics / Paul Gulacy)

Dynamite has yet to announce any new Terminator comics being put into production. However, new comics based on the beloved franchise are forthcoming. This was confirmed by Dynamite CEO and Publisher Nick Barrucci, as he discussed the new deal with STUDIOCANAL.

“It’s incredibly thrilling to be working with one of the biggest classic action franchises,” noted Barrucci. “We’re excited to treat fans to a great celebration for the groundbreaking 40th anniversary of this beloved mythos bringing both new stories and collecting the library of existing comics.”

The confirmation that Dynamite is reprinting these classic comics is good news for fans of the franchise. Despite being best known through its six films and The Sarah Connor Chronicles television series, much of the Terminator mythos was defined through its tie-in comic books. It will be interesting to see how Dynamite Entertainment builds on what came before with the upcoming comics.