This Tense Moment Between Kate Middleton & Prince William Is Heavily Fueling the Strained Relationship Speculation

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If you’ve been embroiled in the royal drama (especially the debates going on on Twitter), then you know all about the breakup and fighting rumors between Kate Middleton and Prince William, along with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

In the past few weeks, there has been an influx of royal rumors and reports saying that both couples are in a bit of a state of turmoil in their relationships. But this new video of Kate and William on their recent visit to Jordan is confirming to a lot of fans that their relationship is much more strained than others thought.

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In this video obtained by DailyMail, we see Kate and William in the queue to talk to Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, and his bride Rajwa Alseif during their marvelous wedding in Jordan. Now, the reason this video is getting so embroiled in the strained relationship speculation is that as Kate is talking happily to Alseif, William is heard saying things like “chop chop” and “let’s keep going” as the queue starts to pack more people behind it. Kate more or less ignores him, and continues the conversation until she ends it herself.

Now, this video has caused a bit of a debate amongst royal fans. Many are saying this video shows a darker side to the couple, with one Twitter user saying, “Just imagine how he must be treating Kate behind closed doors. Sad. She is truly married to a bully.”

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Another user added, “William really has no manners and shows little respect for his wife in public wonder how he would feel if she did the same to him he’s more like his dad than he realises arrogant.”

However, quite a few have defended the video, calling the moment “cute,” and even saying it reminded them of their husbands. One Twitter user said, “Like William, I’d feel anxious looking at the line waiting, but Kate is being her lovely, chatty self, focusing on the person in front of her. He often patiently waits while she says hi to a few more people, plays w a baby, etc. To me, he’s being a ‘normal’ husband!”

Another user added, “🤣🤣 love it…just like every hubby and wife.❤️”

People never know what relationships are like behind closed doors, but royal fans continue to speculate as each new piece of information comes out. Truly, only time will tell how these royal couples’ relationships will go.

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