‘Tenet’ to Debut on Disc, Digital Platforms in December

Umberto Gonzalez
·1 min read

Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet” will be released by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on 4K, Blu-ray, DVD and digital on Dec. 15.

The James Bond-style espionage thriller will be available to preorder from digital and physical retailers beginning Nov. 10. “Tenet” has passed $347 million at the global box office and $53 million domestically.

“Warner Bros. released ‘Tenet,’ and I’m thrilled that it has made almost $350 million,” Nolan said in a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times while promoting author Tom Shone’s book “The Nolan Variations: The Movies, Marvels, and Mysteries of Christopher Nolan.”

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However, Nolan is concerned that the studios are learning the wrong lessons from the experimental rollout during a pandemic.

“But I am worried that the studios are drawing the wrong conclusions from our release — that rather than looking at where the film has worked well and how that can provide them with much-needed revenue, they’re looking at where it hasn’t lived up to pre-COVID expectations and will start using that as an excuse to make exhibition take all the losses from the pandemic instead of getting in the game and adapting — or rebuilding our business, in other words,” he said.

Christopher Nolan’s movie opened on 2,800 screens across the country but not in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, where movie theaters remain closed. In fact, the movie actually got a boost from moviegoers who traveled across state and county lines in order to see it in a theater or in drive-ins.

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