'Temptation Island' Sneak Peek: Ben Wants to Leave the Island With Ashley

After all the drama on "Temptation Island," it's starting to shape out which couples will make it and which won't ... and it's definitely not looking good for at least one of them.

In an exclusive sneak peek, obtained by The Blast, of this week's episode, Ben and Ashley H are seen having a romantic date while drinking cocktails as a beautiful Hawaiian sunset was painted in the background. Ben and Ashley have been the talk of the Island ever since hooking up, and everyone is happy for the relationship, except for Casey.


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Ben Knows What He Wants

"I know you have so many options, I'm just hoping I'm one of those," Ben tells Ashley.

Ashley makes it clear he's definitely in the running, telling Ben, "I care about you, I just want to know what you want ... what do you want with us?"

Ben doesn't even have to think before answering, "I want to leave here with you. I thought I knew what I wanted before, but I know now, and that's you."

Ashley's response -- a satisfying moan.

The Long Game

Ben has been courting Ashley and putting in work, and it's paying off big time for him. Earlier this season he went on a romantic date with Ashley and confided in her.

"Casey, he may not have come here for the right reasons," Ben told Ashley. She responded that she'd rather just focus on the two of them, and that ended with Ben putting on the moves and a romantic kiss was shared between the two. "Ben makes me feel special," Ashley said before admitting, "I've never been kissed like that in my life."

The kiss between the two was later seen by Casey, who flipped out during the bonfire and began beating his fists against the bench and crying. He later broke down during a confessional and admitted, through tears, "She's happy ... without me."

I'm Living a Nightmare

Casey's pain isn't ending anytime soon because in another clip of this week's episode he gets into it with all the single ladies.

"Waking up is a nightmare to me," Casey says with a deadpan expression.

He continues, "My girlfriend cheated on me and there's still no one here that I would pursue any further, romantically." The girls obviously take offense, and Payton points out what a rude remark that was to all the women on "Temptation Island."

"This is a nightmare for me," Payton responds. Casey doubles down that he doesn't have a connection with anyone and doesn't care. During a confessional, he then goes even further to claim, "I would throw up from having sex with any girl here ... it would disgust me."

Well, at least he's keeping a positive attitude about the situation. Also, David is probably really happy Casey took the heat off him from becoming this season's biggest loser.

"Temptation Island" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.