'Temptation Island' Recap: Wild Fights and Emotional Breakdowns

"Temptation Island" was another night of fireworks and foreshadowed all but the end for a few relationships on the island. Episode 7 picked up right where the last left off as Casey witnessed his girlfriend, Ashley H, share a passionate kiss with Ben and then later end up fooling around in the bedroom.

Even though Casey has acted like he could care less if he lost Ashley, he is deeply troubled by seeing her with another man, and tells host Mark Walberg that he never has never even thought about hooking up with anyone else. "The thought of cheating on her has never popped into my head once in my life," he said.

Across the island at the girl's bonfire, Ashley H describes the way Ben kissed her as something she's never felt in her entire life, and admits that "Ben makes me feel beautiful. She says she's actually happy that Casey brought her to "Temptation Island," but probably not for the reason he likes.


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A Huge Fight

Back at the villas, Deac tries to make a move by leaving flowers on Ashley H's bed, even though she's clearly involved with Ben. She makes that very clear to Deac, and the house gets wrapped up in a big discussion that culminates with KB and Ashley G getting into a ferocious argument.After trading insults, KB finally loses it and tries to walk away from the situation while cursing at Ashley and asking everyone to keep her away from him. He doesn't get his wish and Ashley follows him out screaming. KB tries to take a cheap shot claiming it was a "struggle" to hook up on their dates, but she's not buying it.

"You still was in my bed every day, right?" she quipped. She then takes a low blow and screams that her boyfriend Rick is more of a man than him. KB responds with his own cheap shot about Ashley wearing a wig. We don't think there will be any dates in the future for the two ex-lovebirds.

The fight had some consequences because when it was time to send some singles home, KB and Deac were at the top of the list. KB apologized and Deac was very gracious upon his exit, telling the girls "I hope I made y’all smile."

Video Messages

Mark Walberg tells the couples they will have a chance to record a 30-second video message for their significant other. Everyone thought about their short but sweet message, and the videos were delivered via iPad.

Rick said he's been challenged with temptation but has stayed true, and that he's learned to be more vulnerable, but also to "fight in the face of adversity."

Ashley G tells Rick that she hopes he's growing and that she hopes they're changing on both ends for the better. She says she needs to focus on trust, but still loves him. Rick said he thinks Ashley looks emotionally "clocked out" and thinks things may be over.

Kate doesn't really care about David's message, but she views it anyways. He says he loves and misses her and that he's learned a lot about himself since he's been on "Temptation Island." He also says he thinks they have a lot to talk about. Kate says she admits David makes her feel "weak" but she doesn't feel the love any longer.

Kate says she thinks about David all the time, and she thanks David for bringing her to the island. She then says, "I have carried myself with nothing but dignity and respect from day one, and I really wish I could say the same for you. David cries so hard his man bun nearly comes unraveled.

Gavin tells Esonica he believes he's growing into a man "I think you'd be proud of," however she doubts he's being genuine.

Esonica tells Gavin she has "evolved and learned" so much, but questions whether he's done the same. She questions if he's "the one."

Casey cries throughout his message to Ashley H and says "I cannot live without you." He apologizes and says "I'm sorry I made you feel like it was your issue. It was my Issue." Ashley loves what he said, but wishes he said it before they came to "Temptation Island."

Ashley H's message to Casey is rough as she thanks him for bringing her to the island and says she no longer has any jealousy or insecurity issues. She also makes it clear "I don't regret anything."

Casey breaks down in the confessional after analyzing the message and realizing Ashley H did not tell him "I love you" or "I miss you." He realizes she's happy with a new guy, and that "she's happy ... without me."

Ouch. "Temptation Island" returns next Thursday at 10 PM on USA.