Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 4 Recap & Spoilers: Jung Woo-Sung and Shin Hyun-Been’s Chemistry Shines

Photo Credit: ENA
Photo Credit: ENA
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Episode 4 of Tell Me That You Love Me, the new romantic K-drama starring Jung Woo-Sung and Shin Hyun-Been, aired on Tuesday, December 4, 2023, at 9 p.m. KST, on ENA and Disney+ in selected regions. Kim Yoon-Jin is the director of the series, and Kim Min-Jung writes the screenplay.

Tell Me That You Love Me episode 4 continues the heartwarming love story of Jung Woo-Sung’s Cha Jin-Woo and Shin Hyun-Been’s Jung Mo-Eun. In the newly released episode, both Jin-Woo and Mo-Eun open up to one another about their hardships in life. Despite their communication difficulties due to Jin-Woo’s hearing disability, they still manage to understand each other. Their undeniable chemistry shines throughout the entire episode.

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 4: Jung Woo-Sung and Shin Hyun-Been open up to each other

Episode 4 of ENA’s Tell Me That You Love Me begins on an emotionally heavy note. Jung Woo-Sung’s Cha Jin-Woo visits the orphanage where he grew up as a little girl who used to live there and passed away after suffering from a severe disease. Jin-Woo is quite heartbroken by the loss and takes some days off from work. He stays at the orphanage with other children for a few days.

Meanwhile, Shin Hyun-Been’s Jung Mo-Eun is still struggling with her acting career. Although she doubts her decision to leave her career as an air hostess and become an aspiring actress, she does not give up. She continues her hard work and tries to enhance her acting capabilities. She currently acts as an understudy of the lead actress in a play and tries to do her best at that.

Episode 4 then goes back to the moment where the previous episode ended. Mo-Eun breaks down in front of Jin-Woo, while he patiently waits for her to gather herself. He also tells her that she can cry as much as she wants, as it will not bother him. In a deeply emotional moment, Mo-Eun tells Jin-Woo all she had to go through during an awful audition, and he listens carefully. Even though he cannot understand what she says completely because she is talking at a fast pace, he can still feel her pain and console her.

Jung Woo-Sung goes to see Shin Hyun-Been’s play in Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 4

Later on, in episode 4 of Tell Me That You Love Me, Jung Woo-Sung’s Jin-Woo also opens up to Shin Hyun-Been’s Mo-Eun about his recent loss at his art studio. The two communicate and connect more deeply through their beautiful understanding of each other. Mo-Eun expresses her gratitude to Jin-Woo for listening to her and trying to understand her situation.

When they go out of the studio, Jin-Woo tries to ask Mo-Eun for dinner. However, before he can finish asking her, Mo-Eun’s high school friend Yoon Jo-Han arrives at the spot and takes her for lunch. At that moment, Jin-Woo refrains from asking her out for dinner. Towards the end of the Tell Me That You Love Me episode, Mo-Eun gets a call from the director of the play, where she is an understudy. He asks her to perform that night in the play as the lead actress falls sick.

It is a big opportunity for Mo-Eun to showcase her acting abilities. Thus, she rushes to the theatre. However, she is extremely nervous about performing in front of a large audience. She wants to invite Jin-Woo, but ultimately hesitates and does not invite him. When she finally gets on the centre stage to begin her acting performance, she freezes from nervousness.

She looks still at the audience and sees that Jin-Woo has come to watch her play. He tells her that she will do well in sign language and shows her his full support. The episode ends with Mo-Eun being emotionally pleased by Jin-Woo’s presence.

Catch Tell Me That You Love Me every Monday and Tuesday on ENA.

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