Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 2 Recap & Spoilers: Jung Woo-Sung Gets Falsely Accused of Kidnapping

Photo Credit: ENA
Photo Credit: ENA

Episode 2 of Tell Me That You Love Me aired on Tuesday, November 28, 2023, on ENA, at 9 p.m. KST and on Disney Plus in selected regions. Directed by Kim Yoon-Jin, the series is written by Kim Min-Jung. The K-drama features Jung Woo-Sung and Shin Hyun-Been as the leading pair—Cha Jin-Woo and Jung Mo-Eun.

Tell Me That You Love Me follows the heartwarming love story of Cha Jin-Woo, a deaf painter, and Jung Mo-Eun, an aspiring actress. The second episode is interesting, especially after episode 1 ends with the lead pair meeting again in Seoul. Episode 2 takes viewers on an emotional ride as Jung Woo-Sung’s Cha Jin-Woo gets wrongly accused of child kidnapping.

Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 2: Jung Woo-Sung gets arrested on false charges

Episode 2 of Tell Me That You Love Me focuses on the social difficulties Cha Jin-Woo has to face due to his hearing disability. The new episode begins right where the first episode ends. The lead pair meets again in Seoul. Shin Hyun-Been’s Jung Mo-Eun has learned how to communicate in sign language. Thus, the two begin to connect through sign language. They also exchange phone numbers.

Later on, Jung Mo-Eun gets to know where Cha Jin-Woo works since her friend also works there. They two meet in the artist’s studio, where Mo-Eun appreciates his artworks. Earlier, Cha Jin-Woo receives two tickets for a popular singer’s concert as he made the design for the artist’s album cover. The singer happens to be Mo-Eun’s favorite singer. So, Jin-Woo gifts the concert tickets to her.

However, she insists that they should go to the concert together. Although Jin-Woo won’t be able to listen to the songs, he could still feel the music through his unique abilities. Thus, he agrees to go with Mo-Eun to the concert. The two decide to meet in front of the concert venue in the evening.

However, during the afternoon, an unfortunate event occurs that leaves Jin-Woo in an extremely difficult situation. A neighborhood child secretly snuggles into Jin-Woo’s house while following his pet cat. Jin-Woo is completely unaware of the incident as he is working outside his house and can’t hear anything. The child falls asleep inside a room after playing with the cat for some time. Meanwhile, the child’s grandmother is looking for him everywhere and ends up calling the police to search for him.

After several hours, Jin-Woo finally realizes that the child is in his house when they find his shoes hidden behind a wooden board. Before he can understand what is going on outside and resolve the issue, the police arrive at his house and start knocking at his door. Hearing the heavy knocks and the cries of his grandmother, the child starts to cry. When Jin-Woo finally understands what is happening and opens the door. The entire situation unfortunately looks like he kidnapped the child. Thus, the police arrest him on false charges.

Jin-Woo is stuck in the police station as the time of meeting Mo-Eun passes. When the interpreter finally comes, he explains what happened and frees himself from the kidnapping charges. Following this, he rushes to the venue. However, it is too late as Mo-Eun has left the spot after waiting a long time. Jin-Woo breaks down, but the episode does not end on a sad note as Mo-Eun returns to him and the two meet.

The second episode of Tell Me That You Love Me ends on an emotional note as the two connect deeply after Mo-Eun places Jin-Woo’s hand on her neck while singing a song. She does it to make him feel the music through his fingers.

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