Tell Me That You Love Me Episode 14 Recap & Spoilers: Shin Hyun-Been Meets Jung Woo-Sung’s Birth Mother

Photo Credit: ENA
Photo Credit: ENA

Episode 14 of Tell Me That You Love Me aired on ENA on Tuesday, January 9, 2024. The ongoing romantic K-drama stars Jung Woo-Sung and Shin Hyun-Been as Jin-Woo and Mo-Eun, respectively. In the new episode, Mo-Eun unknowingly ends up meeting Jin-Woo’s birth mother. She also goes on to find the house that she saw earlier in a photograph at Jin-Woo’s place.

Tell Me That You Love Me episode 14 also shows Jin-Woo and Mo-Eun trying to overcome the miscommunication and misunderstandings between them. As it is, the recently released episode had many emotionally driven events.

Tell Me That You Love Me episode 14: Shin Hyun-Been finds out about Jung Woo-Sung’s birth mother

In Tell Me That You Love Me, Jung Woo-Sung plays Jin-Woo, a highly talented painter who lost his hearing ability during childhood due to a severe fever. He grew up in an orphanage and did not know anything about his birth parents. In episode 14 of the K-drama, the audience gets to learn about Jin-Woo’s birth mother.

Previously, viewers saw an old woman at Jin-Woo’s solo exhibition. She was seen crying after looking at his paintings. Mo-Eun (Shin Hyun-Been) interacted with the woman that day. She expressed how the paintings made her feel emotional, as she believes that the painter must have felt so lonely while painting them. She pointed out that the painter’s loneliness is quite evident in his paintings. Mo-Eun was moved by the reaction of the elderly woman.

In Tell Me That You Love Me episode 14, Mo-Eun tries to overcome her negative thoughts about her relationship with Jin-Woo by spending time with him. The two have conversations with each other at Jin-Woo’s place. They seem comfortable and happy. At Jin-Woo’s place, Mo-Eun finds an old photograph, where she sees a small house in the countryside. In front of the house, a woman sits with a small child in her arms.

When Mo-Eun asks Jin-Woo about the picture, he tells her that he was found in front of the orphanage as a baby with this picture. He believes that the woman in the picture is his birth mother. However, he does not know anything about her. After that, Mo-Eun leaves and gets busy with her shoots for the television show.

Later, Mo-Eun becomes upset again after seeing Jin-Woo conversing with his ex-girlfriend, Seo-Kyung (Kim Ji-Hyun). She leaves the place immediately and talks about it to her friend Jo-Han (Lee Jae-Kyoon). The next day, she goes on to meet Seo-Kyung to have a conversation with her regarding her and Jin-Woo’s past. The conversation makes Mo-Eun even more upset as Seo-Kyung tries to make her feel that she knows Jin-Woo better than anyone else.

Shin Hyun-Been’s Mo-Eun goes to Jin-Woo’s birthplace

Towards the end of Tell Me That You Love Me episode 14, Mo-Eun decides to go on a short solo trip. On her way to the trip, she receives a call from the elderly man who previously created a fuss in the art gallery. When Mo-Eun meets him, she learns that he is the husband of the woman who was crying after seeing Jin-Woo’s paintings.

The man reveals that her wife suffers from chronic dementia. He also tells Mo-Eun that her wife had a husband and a son before marrying him. After the husband went missing, her son was sent to an orphanage. Mo-Eun then goes to see the woman with the old man. There, the woman discloses that her son’s name is Cha Jin-Woo. Mo-Eun soon realizes that the old woman is none other than Jin-Woo’s birth mother.

The woman also gives Mo-Eun the address of the place where Jin-Woo was born. Mo-Eun goes to that place and sees the house that she saw in the picture earlier in Jin-Woo’s house. She takes a photo of the house and sends it to Jin-Woo. When Jin-Woo sees the photograph, he immediately matches it with the picture he has at home and realizes that Mo-Eun has found his birthplace. The episode ends right there.

Viewers can catch episode 14 of Tell Me That You Love Me on ENA and Disney Plus.

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