Teenager stirs family drama with new money-making hobby: ‘You have a right to ignore it’

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A 16-year-old boy is arguing with his big sister over his future aspirations

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for help managing the situation. The teenager is a YouTuber who streams video games and does music tutorials. When his older sister found out she dismissed it as just his hobby. He told her off, but the fight made her upset. Now he isn’t sure what to do. 

“I am a YouTuber. I’m not huge, but I do truly love it,” he explained. “I stream video games as I play them and occasionally do music tutorials and I think it’s really fun and am making a small amount of revenue from the ads. My 18-year-old sister seems to really hate what I do, though. She says that if this is what I do with my whole life then I’m never going to get anywhere. That I’m just going to end up entitled like a whole bunch of other YouTubers.” 

But the Reddit poster didn’t want to hear it and gave her a piece of his mind.

“I told her that what I do with my life isn’t any of her business and to stop judging what she has little experience in,” he wrote. “She got mad and said that I’m downplaying her feelings and that what I do with my life is her business because we’re family. She’s really upset now. I don’t want our parents getting involved so I guess I need to figure out if I’m really the asshole or not.” 

Reddit users were on the brother’s side in this sibling rivalry. 

“She has a right to her opinion and you have a right to ignore it,” a user suggested

“She seems to have no regard whatsoever for your feelings,” someone commented

“Ignore her and do your own thing,” another said

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